HMLA-773 Det A: 1997-2000: HMLA-775 Det A: 2000-WR: HMA-775: 1989-95: HMLA-775: 1995-Coyote: 2004: Tycoon: WW * H&HS MAG-16: 1951-54: H&MS-16: 1954-88: Junkman

HMLA-775 was attached to its active counterpart Mag-46 Det A (Detachment Alpha) who flew, maintained and operated the squadron on a daily basis. This small active component was responsible for the training and support of HMLA-775 during their drill weekends, active periods and unit activations for wartime deployment. 103.) Boeing B-52H "Stratofortress" / "Buff" USAF AH-1W "Cobra" HMLA-773 Det A JP-1938. MARINE LIGHT ATTACK HELICOPTER SQUADRON 773 (HMLA-773 Det A) "Red Dogs / Nomads"NMAG-49, AS Joint Reserve Base, New Orleans. Reamde AH-1 Cobra. Navy Aircraft Military Aircraft F18 Hornet Plane Drawing … Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 42 - Wikipedia Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 42 was a reserve aviation logistics support unit of the United States Marine Corps.They fell under the command of Marine Aircraft Group 42 and 4th Marine Aircraft Wing and were based at Naval Air Station Atlanta.MALS-42 provided direct support to VMFA-142 and HMLA-773 and Navy squadrons VAW-77 and VR-46 and indirect support to two tactical Marine squadrons F-35B STOVL VMFA-121 (Flight Mode) model planes model aircraft usmc ah-1w hmla-167 hmla-169 hmla-267 hmla-269 hmla-367 hmla-369 hmla-773 hmla-775 hmt-303 av-8 vma-211 vma-214 vma-231 vma-311 vma-331 vma-513 vma-542 vmat-203 ch-46 hmm-161 hmm-162 hmm-163 hmm-164 hmm-165 hmm-166 hmm-261 hmm-262 hmm-263 hmm-264 hmm-265 hmm-266 hmm-268 hmm-364 hmm-365 hmm-764 hmm-774 hmt-204 hmt-301 ch …

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The current squadron organization is structured to maintain 1/3 of the squadron at Robins Air Force Base, Georgia 1/3 of the squadron at NAS Belle Chasse, LA (Det A) and 1/3 of the squadron at McGuire Dix Lakehurst Joint Forces Base, NJ (Det B). Currently, HMLA-773 Red Dogs are the largest HMLA squadron in the Marine Corps both in terms of personnel and aircraft. HMLA-773 Det B; HMLA-773 DET C . Inactive Reporting Unit None . 314 Members Who Served in This Unit

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Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 773 DET B. MWSS-473. DET A. DET B. VMFA-112. VMFT-401. VMGR-234. VMU-4. VMR-1. Marine Aircraft Group 49. HMH-772(-) HMLA-773. MALS-49. MWSS-472. VMGR-452. VMM-774. VMR Andrews. VMR Belle Chasse. Site Support Newburgh. Site Support New Orleans. Site Support Norfolk. Site Support Miramar. Aviation Command and Control Team (AC2T) Marine Air Training Commanding Officer, Marine Light Attack Helicopter In 2010, Major Stempien left the newly converted HMLA-773 Det B and joined the Marine Corps Mobilization Command’s Peace Time/War Time Support Team, where he was assigned to various locations in Kentucky as the site officer in charge (OIC). In the Fall of 2012, Major Stempien returned to HMLA-773 Det B where he has served in various billets Detachment B, HMLA 773 | Det B, HMLA 773; Detachment B, HMLA 773 USMC. Locations - Present Fort Dix JB McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst | New Jersey, United States. Follow @currentopscom. Quick facts. Component USMCR. Higher headquarters. HMLA 773 | Detached. Force structure Browser HMLA-773 | Military Wiki | Fandom